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Consulting to the finest purveyors of domestic and international cuisine, you’ll feel confident that our expertise and service to the industry is the best available for your company. We specialize in general food industry consulting, FSIS food label approval consulting and child nutrition label approvals, nutrition facts panels, and is a  bio-terrorism act foreign producer U.S. representative.  Richard H. Alsmeyer, PhD is a world renowned foods scientist with vast experience in USDA regulatory issues, food additives and meats science. 
Services provided:

  • Negotiate with Federal Regulatory Agencies
  • Prepare label applications for FSIS approval and Child Nutrition
  • Develop food labels
  • Write petitions for food additives acceptance
  • Develop and prepare Nutrition Facts Panels
  • Obtain acceptance of seasoning mixtures by Proprietary Mix Committee
  • Assist food processors in product development
  • Register and represent food importers with FDA under "Bioterrorism Act"
  • Provide expert witness testimony